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Paid to Kneel

by Romilly King

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Volume 1 of Delphic Agency

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Posted in Book Reviews on January 7, 2021

In a possible near future where prostitution is legal, but tightly controlled, selling yourself to make money becomes a much more viable option, and Richard needs money. A lot of it, if he’s to afford a nice care facility for his father in failing health and yet stay in school. So, he signs up with the Delphic Agency and seeks a live-in arrangement that will pay the most money. Richard is matched with Ash, and after a very embarrassing “interview” he is offered a two week contract. Richard has had a very vanilla sex life, so although he knows the nature of what will be demanded of him, he has very little idea of what that means, or how it will change his life.

“Paid to Kneel” is one of those kinky fantasy stories that takes a simple, if highly unlikely, “what-if” idea and runs with it. The introduction to the world in which the story is set is rather brief, as is the look into Richard’s life before he finds himself seated with the placement manager at the Delphic Agency office in the first chapter. It sounds a bit quick, but there was enough setup for me to get into the story.

Richard is quite a believable character. His situation is, sadly, not all that uncommon, so it’s easy to understand the difficult choices he has had to make. Of course, none of us have the (legal) option that Richard decides to explore to help him out of his money troubles, and it’s an interesting question to ponder what would you do in Richard’s place.

The emotional journey Richard takes is quite well portrayed. When we meet him, he’s already made the decision to exchange sexual services for money, so his initial concern is whether or not he can fulfill the needs of Ash, and thus serve out the full term of his two week contract. However, once he experiences what Ash does to him, Richard finds that not only can he submit to Ash, but he actually likes it. What’s more, he realizes a need to please his Dom. It’s all very confusing to someone who’s not in the lifestyle and has those all too common conventional beliefs that submission is somehow “bad”. I don’t think it’s any kind of spoiler to disclose that of course Richard finds himself falling in love with Ash.

The story is told entirely from Richard’s point of view, so we only get to know Ash through Richard’s eyes. It take much of the story for us to get an idea of what makes Ash really tick, and why he treats Richard the way he does. The Dom is something of a puzzle to Richard, and the doubts about what Ash wants and whether he feels the same about Richard provides most of the drama in the story.

This is the first of a series centering around the Delphic Agency and some of the “assignments” the arrange for their staff.

“Paid to Kneel” is available from Amazon.

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