Review - Men in the Hot Room by Cameron D. James

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Men in the Hot Room

by Cameron D. James

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Tags: Erotica Short Stories

Posted in Book Reviews on February 25, 2020

This collection of connected short stories mainly focuses on a developing relationship between yoga instructor Brad and one of his students Simon. In a series of encounters, Simon seduces the older man, although it doesn’t take much convincing to make Brad fall for him. Additional stories start off a series of encounters with the go-go boys of Club 21, another set of stories featuring a different cast of characters.

The “hot room” stories comprise about two-thirds of the book. It’s a series of erotic vignettes between Brad and Simon. There’s no connecting text, so it can be seen as a series of one-night stands, although Brad isn’t quite sure that’s all it is. The stories are all told from Brad’s point of view, as he becomes captivated by the younger Simon.

Brad is a believable enough character. After all, you’re not going to read a book like this for gritty realism. That said, both characters are more than just wooden cookie-cutter people. There’s at least some suggestion of depth to them beyond the sexual hookups.

The last third or so of the book is a taste of another series, “The Go-Go Boys of Club 21”. The introductory stories seem to indicate a larger cast of characters, with three of the ‘boys’ telling about their experiences. It’s definitely enough of the teaser to make me think about reading the full book.

Even with the extra content, this is a very short book. More a novelette than a novella. Still, as erotica it’s a good read, with just enough story line to help you engage a bit more with the characters.

“Men in the Hot Room” is available from Amazon.

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