Review - Hard Lessons by Samuel King

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Hard Lessons

by Samuel King

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Tags: Novella

Posted in Book Reviews on January 14, 2020

Smarting from a recent breakup with his boyfriend, Jake thinks a few months in the country tutoring English is exactly what he needs. However, he’s a bit dismayed to find he is very attracted to his prospective employer, Nathan, and even more so when he finds out his student is not Nathan’s son but Nathan himself. Even more surprising is the offer of the job after just a few minutes’ conversation.

This short novella is a fast-paced romance with a touch of mystery. The relationship between Nathan and Jake seems to develop at an improbably fast rate, but that turns out to be part of the mystery. At least part of what’s going on will be pretty obvious early on in the story, but there’s enough misdirection along the way that some of what happens will still come as a surprise.

With such a short length — around 70 pages in print — there’s not much time for character development, but the two men are believable enough. There are even a few other secondary characters that are drawn well enough for you to have a good idea of who they are.

I suspect the fast pace at which the relationship develops might be a problem for some people, and this story line may also be a challenge for people with trust issues. However, if you can get past those things, this is a rather fun read with an interesting plot.

“Hard Lessons” is available from Amazon.

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