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by N.R. Walker

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Posted in Book Reviews on June 26, 2018

Lloyd’s ex planted the seed when he told him only a robot could satisfy his need for order, quite and intellect. The seed grows and soon Lloyd is serious considering the purchase of an android. It is the year 2068 after all, and “fully functional” androids or gynoids are readily available, for those than can afford them. It seems to be the only way Lloyd can have a relationship with someone he can stand to be around, and what could go wrong?

As I started reading this book, it occurred to me that it seems a bit odd there haven’t been more books on this theme. Given what we saw with the development of the Internet, it’s a pretty good bet that as robotics continue to develop with more human-like capabilities and appearance, it’s only a matter of time before ‘sexbots’ become a thing. Some news headlines suggest we’re already there. It seems like fertile ground for a speculative fiction story, yet this is the first one I’ve come across (I’m sure there are others that I just haven’t been made aware of.)

“Evolved” paints quite a convincing picture of a man and the android that was designed to be his perfect match. Lloyd is quite believable as someone with so many hangups that it stops him from having a meaningful relationship with anyone. He isn’t necessarily like-able, but he is relate-able and sympathetic. His new Android Shaun is portrayed quite convincingly. We’ve seen enough movies and shows with human-like androids to have certain expectations about them, and Shaun fits in nicely with that perception, at least at first. It may seem a bit odd, but Shaun is probably the more like-able of the two protagonists.

The plotting and pacing is nicely done. Once it becomes clear Shaun is something of an anomaly, it’s not too hard to figure out where the story line will lead, but it’s not all that clear how it’s going to get there. This is also well written enough that the “journey” is as enjoyable as the destination. There are some genuinely funny moments along with the sexy and serious stuff.

“Evolved” is available from Amazon.

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