Review - Picked Fresh by Posy Roberts

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Picked Fresh

by Posy Roberts

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Volume 2 of Naked Organics

Posted in Book Reviews on May 9, 2017

This sequel to “Farm Fresh” picks up shortly after the first book ends. Hudson prepares for the long trip from Oregon back to his late grandmother’s home in Kentucky to meet his estranged mother. Jude is studying like crazy trying to finish his degree. Together the two set out on a road trip that may solidify, or destroy, their budding relationship.

“Picked Fresh” gives us a lot more insight into Jude and Hudson. Both men are estranged from their families, and we learn a lot more details about how that came about. While much of this story takes place away from the commune, we still get glimpses of life there, and what happens at Kaleidoscope Gardens affects the pair even when they’re a thousand miles away.

Although the story adds much more depth to the main characters, it can at times feel like there are still pieces missing that would help us understand Hudson and Jude better. However, there’s no denying these are complicated characters, with complicated back stories. In short, they’re very human.

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