Review - Con Boys are Naughty by J.P. Barnaby

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Con Boys are Naughty

by J.P. Barnaby

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Posted in Book Reviews on September 13, 2016

This review originally appeared on the BDSM Book Reviews web site.

Brandon is an extremely introverted writer, and dedicated submissive to his Dom Sean. Brandon’s books are very popular, but he is so painfully shy that attending cons or doing any of the other things popular authors do for publicity scares the life out of him. Being the good Dom he is, Sean respects Brandon’s boundaries, but he also tries to stretch his sub’s limits from time to time, which is why he convinces Brandon to attend a con.

“Con Boys are Naughty” is a short little novelette running just 40 pages. For it’s length, we get to know quite a bit about the kind of relationship Sean and Brandon have. All of which leads up to a scene they have at the con with another man. The scene is quite hot, although in itself it’s not very kinky.

While this is a very short book, it still reads as a complete story, although the characters are already engaging enough that you will probably wish the book were a little longer. It’s quite clear that Brandon has a back story that goes some way to explaining why he is the way he is, but we don’t get to know any of it. It’s this added dimension that makes the story quite engaging despite the shortness.

There are only a couple of scenes in the story, a short one between Sean and Brandon at the start, and the three-way in the hotel near the end. Neither scene is very kinky, but the first one is enough to show us the kind of relationship they have and the degree of trust Brandon has in his Dom Sean.

“Con Boys are Naughty” is available from Amazon.

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