Review - Best in Show by Kelly Jensen

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Best in Show

by Kelly Jensen

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Tags: Shifters Fantasy

Posted in Book Reviews on August 30, 2016

Macavity – ‘Mac’ to everyone but his mother – comes from a long line of witches, who can also shift into cats. Unfortunately, Mac’s puckish sense of humor gets him in trouble with his family, who fear some of his jokes risk exposing their secrets. His latest escapade has landed him in his “cat skin” full time, and then another little indiscretion puts him in the animal shelter, up for adoption. While he does want to lie low for a while, the shelter isn’t the best place for Mac to hide out. Someone might discover he hasn’t been fixed.

Julian’s sister has convinced him he needs a dog to keep him company, but when he spots the big orange tabby, that is Mac, he decides the cat is what he really wants. Once Julian brings Mac home, it means he’s free to take on human form from sunset to sunrise, but he can’t reveal himself to Julian or both of their lives will be at risk.

“Best in Show” is a fun little novella. It doesn’t demand to be taken too seriously, yet doesn’t rely on cardboard cutout characters. Mac and Julian come across as real people, real normal people. Julian in particular is described as a very average guy: not in the greatest of shape, wears glasses, and is more than a little introverted. All this helps you suspend disbelief over the fantastical aspects of the story and just enjoy the ride.

“Best in Show” is available from Amazon.

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