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by AJ Rose

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Volume 3 of Power Exchange

Tags: Mystery D/s BDSM

Posted in Book Reviews on October 29, 2014

You could be forgiven for thinking we had seen the end of the stories featuring detective Gavin DeGrassi. At the conclusion of the last book, Safeword, he was retired from the police force after yet another harrowing case that nearly cost him his life, his home, and his Dom Ben. But when Gavin’s sister-in-law and former partner Myah is snatched from a supermarket parking lot, he can’t just sit on the sidelines. Together with Ben and his brother Cole, they follow a trail to Chicago and Myah’s old precinct, where they uncover a tangled web of missing rent boys and dirty cops.

Although Gavin and Ben, and their power exchange relationship, remain at the center of the story, “Consent” has a very different feel to it from the first two books. The story line is darker and more taut than the previous installments. That is in part due to how close to home the crime strikes Gavin and Ben. In addition, unlike previous entries in the series, we’re given frequent glimpses into what is happening to Myah while the men are looking for her. It’s a very harrowing look into the world of human trafficking.

The more somber mood and dark themes make this a much less ‘entertaining’ read than the first two books, but that isn’t to say that the writing or story are any less engrossing.

This is a book that will make you think, and perhaps even act. The author’s afterword provides information on places you can contact, or donate to, that help LGBT youth living on the street. A disproportionate percentage of homeless people below 18 identify as LGTBQ. It’s a national disgrace and one our community should be addressing.

“Consent” is available from Amazon and All Romance Ebooks. If you purchase regularly from Amazon, consider enrolling in AmazonSmile and designating the Ali Forney Center as the organization you want to support. The Ali Forney Center is a New York charity that provides housing for homeless LGBT youth. Through AmazonSmile, a portion of most of your purchases from Amazon are donated to your selected charity.

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