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Works in Progress - Worlds Apart and Good Dawg

It’s been a good while since I wrote about what I’m up to, although as usual that generally means I’m not doing much on the writing front. However, ‘not much’ is not the same as ‘nothing’. I actually have been making progress on two fronts: Worlds Apart After sitting in the electronic drawer, almost finished but waiting a final edit, I’ve finally pulled out the beta comments for “Worlds Apart” and am going through the final draft.

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Turning My Life Upside-Down

You have probably noticed that I haven’t posted any updates on my own writing work lately. No? Well, who needs you anyway. For those of you who have been paying attention, I haven’t been giving any updates because there’s essentially been nothing to update. I haven’t really been writing since the beginning of the year. It’s not that I’m blocked, but rather there just hasn’t been room in my head for stories with everything else that’s been going on.

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