Good Dawg

Two men embracing back to front. The man in front wears a dog chain around his neck. The leash is held by the man in back.

The Blurb:

Extremely introverted web developer Kevin has resigned himself to being single. Hookup apps don't do it for him, and he's too shy to try and meet men in bars or clubs, especially now that he thinks he knows the kind of man he needs. People are complicated. Dogs are much easier to make friends with. They don't lie about what they want. All you have to figure out is whether they like scratches or belly rubs and you've made a friend. When a dog tied up outside the supermarket takes an interest in Kevin, he doesn't know that it will be an introduction to a whole new world. Theo is an experienced dominant, but he's not looking for a full-time sub. He doesn't have the time. His dog Coco has other ideas.

Tags: BDSM D/S

Published: July 22, 2023

Length: 77,338 words / 239 pages.

Cover art by: Dan Skinner

The long version:

It took too long for Kevin to figure out he needed to be with a man who knew how to take control. He's not the young twink he sees submissives depicted as in the kinky stories he reads. Even if they were mostly fantasy, those books gave him a glimpse of what life could be like with the right dominant but also seemed to put it further out of reach. Anyway, he's been on his own for so long that he's used to looking after himself.

Being a clinical psychologist in a big hospital keeps Theo busy. He's definitely drawn to men who are able to submit and give him complete control over their pleasure. Theo loves exploring the world of dominance and submission, but he doesn't see a full-time submissive in his future. He doesn't have the time to look after someone who needs that much attention.

When Theo's dog uses her wiles to introduce Kevin and Theo, the sparks certainly fly. Can two men who feel they're better off single really build a life together?

Warnings: This book contains numerous scenes of consensual bondage and discipline between two men, usually ending in graphic sex. It does not contain any puppy play. Sorry. There is also a scene involving gun violence.

Kindly note that “Good Dawg“ is intended for adult audiences only.

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