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"Five At Table" Now Available at Amazon and Smashwords

My latest book, Five At Table, is now available at both Amazon and Smashwords. It’s available from these places for the regular price of $2.99, but, there’s still time to purchase it directly from me for the special price of just $1, as described in my previous Early Release post.

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Early Release - Five At Table

[caption id=“attachment_825” align=“alignright” width=“142” caption=“Cover Art”][/caption] I just finished the final edits from the last of my wonderful beta/proofreaders last night, and after giving the tweaked ending one more reading this morning, I decided to go ahead and release Five At Table, the sequel to Holding On. The Blurb: David and Gun have been together for nearly two years, and ‘married’, at least in their own eyes, for one. They are happy and secure in their lives.

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Excerpt - Five At Table - Chapter Five

Here’s another sneak peak at a part of Five At Table (formerly “Baby Makes Three”), which will be released next week (I hope). It describes a trip David makes with Tom, the university student he and Gun are mentoring, while the two are still getting to know one another. [caption id=“attachment_794” align=“aligncenter” width=“600” caption=“Some of the ruins of Ayutthaya, the old capital of Siam, talked about in this excerpt.”][/caption] David and Tom set out early in the morning to go to Ayutthaya, the old Siamese capital, by train.

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Work In Progress Update: Baby Makes Three

[caption id=“attachment_583” align=“alignright” width=“225” caption=“Cover of Baby Makes Three”][/caption] A few days ago I finished the first draft of the sequel to Holding On, which I’m calling Baby Makes Three. This latest book picks up the story of David and Gun, and introduces a third character, Tom. Tom is a young college student the two men decide to mentor, helping him with his education as well as the complexities of modern gay life.

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Reflections on Family

I’ve found myself thinking a lot lately about the concept of family. Not the so-called ’traditional’ family, with a mother, father and 2.3 children, a concept I don’t think has existed in reality since the 1970s. No, I’m talking about the families some gay men manage to find or create for themselves. Not the ‘Modern Family’ family of husband, husband and adopted third-world orphan, but a true extended family with not only a couple, but brothers, aunts and uncles too.

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Sneak Peak: First Chapter of "Baby Makes Three" - and Cats!

[caption id=“attachment_498” align=“alignright” width=“229” caption=“A pair of Korat Cats (source: Wiki Commons)”][/caption] I’ve been slowly getting back into the groove of writing, after the twin disruptions of moving and illness. I’m almost back into the habit of writing every day. The thing I’m mainly working on at the moment is a sequel to Holding On, which I’m calling “Baby Makes Three” at least for now [I ended up calling it Five At Table].

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What's Up - January 2012

I haven’t written much about what I’m up to lately, mainly because I haven’t written much. It’s not the usual excuse of the holidays, since I stayed in Bangkok for them. No, what’s kept me busy is moving, and being sick. Funny how that happened. I signed the lease one day, then celebrated with a bowl of yakisoba at my favorite noodle shop, which gave me a bad case of food poisoning.

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