Review - Four Ever by Sloane Kennedy

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Four Ever

by SLoane Kennedy

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Tags: Menage

Posted in Book Reviews on September 26, 2021

Zak and Killian have been together for seven years, and are deeply in love with each other, but the last few years have been tough, with each of them feeling guilt over wrongs they think they've inflicted on their partner, but unable to talk it through. The two are still devoted to the ragtag menagerie of rescued animals they've collected over the years. However, when nurse Zak brings home a mute homeless young man from the hospital, who is shortly joined by his injured step-brother, the dynamic of their relationship seems to change.

“Four Ever” is about four troubled men who somehow find comfort in each other. It's an unusual story of the start of an unconventional relationship. It's so unconventional that it even scares all four of the people involved. Killian, Zak, Noah and Liam all come across as very real people, and each has their own unique story to tell about how they arrived at the point where all four of them meet.

Zak and Killian are at the center of the story. They're the ones with a mature if slightly shaky relationship. Exactly why they're having communication problems takes a while to come out. Frankly, the constant allusion to “things” they did that they feel guilty about but can't discuss got a little annoying before the details finally emerged about halfway in. I'm also finding the “men can't talk about their feelings” trope a little over-used and tiresome.

Liam and Noah are the younger men that are potential cuckoos in the nest. Unlike the other two, it's not that hard to guess at how the two ended up in their current situation, although some of the details are a bit harrowing when they finally come out. You'll definitely want to heed the trigger warnings for this book if you're a sensitive reader.

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