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Me and You Two

by Ash Penn

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Posted in Book Reviews on February 26, 2019

Spoiler alert: this is one of those books that’s hard to review without giving away a few of the plot turns. You’ve been warned!

Dean is a young man with a very healthy sex drive as well as an strong aversion to commitment. His job at a holiday park is perfect for him. It provides an endless stream of men and women for him to choose from, all of whom will be gone in a week. At first, the cleaner Pieter (‘Piet”) is just another conquest. But as he continues to hook up with the strange young man, Dean begins to actually develop feelings for Pieter. Pieter is really in love with Phoenix (‘Nix”). For him, the “man-whore” Dean is just good for one thing, the one thing Nix can’t give him.

“Me and You Two” is a rather head-spinning tale of a developing menage relationship. That’s head-spinning in a largely good way. While the blurb may prepare you to expect a three-way romance, the details that emerge about why Piet seeks sex outside his marriage were quite surprising.

The story is related entirely from Dean’s point of view, so we find out things as he does, which is why some of the revelations come as such a surprise. Dean is a very well defined character. He’s likable in a rather roguish sort of way, like the proverbial hardened prostitute with a heart of gold. He doesn’t exactly come across as boyfriend material, but the type you might have a bit of fun with, for a while.

The plot actually turns on the characters of Piet and, especially, Nix. Phoenix is definitely an interesting character. The story describes him in great detail, which helps to give us a good picture of him in our minds. That’s good because he isn’t the most relatable character, for me at least. I don’t know anyone who is asexual (that I know of) and they rarely feature in any of the books that I read, so I have no frame of reference to easily understand Nix, or judge whether or not he’s portrayed realistically. His character definitely works for the story line, which makes for a highly distinctive read. I suspect it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but then menage often isn’t.

“Me and You Two” is available from Amazon.

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