Review - Breaking History

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Breaking History

by Keegan Kennedy

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Posted in Book Reviews on July 30, 2013

Did you ever have a crush on one of your high-school teachers? If so, then you know what life is like for Thomas. The out 18 year-old has it bad for his history teacher Mr Worthington, but he assumes the recently divorced 29 year-old hunk is out of reach. That is, until he finds out that the seemingly straight teacher is interested in exploring his newly discovered bisexual nature as well as his desire to dominate.

With this new information, Thomas decides he has to make a move, and to his surprise his teacher doesn’t reject his advances. In fact, it seems that Mr Worthington has had his own fantasies about his student. Despite the risks, they both throw caution to the wind to explore a taboo relationship.

“Breaking History” is primarily a work of erotica, by an apparently prolific writer, so it doesn’t get too deeply into the legal and ethical issues of older/younger or teacher/student relationships. Those issues are there, or at least mentioned in passing, but they serve more to just add to the furtive nature of the relationship rather than providing any real drama in what is actually a fast paced novella.

This is a story that should be read as erotica and nothing more meaningful. The sex is good, with some light BDSM action, and there is enough dialog to tie everything together and make the characters come alive, although that is also where the biggest weakness of the story lies. Both characters talk in a totally unnaturally formal fashion. It really is eye-rolling dialog, but if you can get past that, it’s a diverting read.

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