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Journey to Angkor

Piero leaves his home in Taormina to go to work for a renowned naturalist in England. Unfortunately, he hadn’t reckoned on falling for the Professor’s handsome young nephew, but it seems they have only just begun to explore their mutual attraction when the Professor discovers the relationship. To avoid scandal, he sends Piero away on a mission to Indochina, to explore the region and document the things he finds there. It’s truly a chance of a lifetime for Piero, even though he doesn’t want to leave his new friend.

Length: 53,500 words (approximately)

Price: US$2.99

Purchase: ePubMOBIPDF

Journey to Rai-Lay

Journey to Rai-Lay is the sequel to Journey to Angkor. It follows Henry, whose brief affair with Piero causes the Sicilian to be sent off on his journey to Angkor. Separated from the man he thought he might love, blaming himself for it, and still under the thumb of his uncle, Henry spirals into a deep depression, seeking sex in the underbelly of London’s docks, where more often than not he’s beaten and abused. But it’s while nursing a beer in a seedy docklands pub that Henry meets James Brooke.

Length: 43,950 words (approximately)

Price: US$2.99

Purchase: ePubMOBIPDF

Journey's End

The third and final book in the Journeys series reunites Piero from “Journey to Angkor” and Henry, whose story was told in “Journey to Rai-Lay” for one last joint adventure as they track down the man responsible for sending them on their travels: Professor Challenger. Their search takes them to forgotten palaces and ancient temples in Central Java.

Length: 34,900 words (approximately)

Price: US$1.99

Purchase: ePubMOBIPDF

Journeys Omnibus

This 'omnibus' edition combines all three titles from the Journeys series into a single ebook. You get “Journey to Angkor”, “Journey to Rai-Lay” and “Journey's End” all together.

Length: 130,000 words (approximately)

Price: US$6.99

Purchase: ePubMOBI

The Naga's Treasure

Prince Suriya never expected to become king. His older brothers were definitely more suited to the throne. Whoever became king had to make nightly visits to the chamber of Lord Naga, to please the protector of Angkor, who legend says appears to the ruler as a woman, and Suriya had always preferred the pleasures of men.

The serpent lord could see into the hearts of men and was charged by the great god Vishnu with the protection of Angkor, yet he had to act through the human kings, by beguiling and cajoling them to follow his guidance. Lately it seems the great kings thought they knew more than the gods, and paid the price. Even the gods can grow weary of their tasks. Lord Naga longed for a man who would not only serve him, but also please him in the way no man had for hundreds of years.

Length: 31,250 words (approximately)

Price: US$1.99

Purchase: ePubMOBIPDF

Holding On

David is a 40-ish American living in Bangkok, and facing a bit of a mid-life crisis. After more than a dozen years living in Thailand, he has become disillusioned and is considering returning to the states for the first time. David is very shy but wears his heart on his sleeve. He came to Thailand in search of love, but after a string of relationships that didn't go anywhere, David has come to realize that he might be a submissive, and doubts he could find a suitable dominant in Thailand. Then, into David’s life drops Gun, a strong, confident 30-something Thai man. Gun is an experienced dom and seems to be everything that David could hope for, but David’s own insecurities may sink the relationship before it really gets off the ground.

Length: 44,375 words (approximately)

Price: US$2.99

Purchase: ePubMOBIPDF

Five At Table

David and Gun have been together for nearly two years, and 'married', at least in their own eyes, for one. They are happy and secure in their lives. But a chance encounter with one of the university interns working in Gun’s office gets David thinking: Maybe their lives are too perfect. Maybe they should be giving back. In the sequel to Holding On, Tom joins the family, followed soon after by another young man, Chang.

Length: 44,750 words (approximately)

Price: US$2.99

Purchase: ePubMOBIPDF

Letting Go

In the third and final book about David and Gun, we follow the couple and the two young men they brought into their lives in “Five At Table”, Tom and Chang. “Letting Go” weaves together a series of stories in which David and Gun help the two young men discover the paths that will take them out into the world. Along the way David must confront some of his own fears as well as a ghost from the past.

Length: 32,500 words (approximately)

Price: US$0.99

Purchase: ePubMobiPDF