The David and Gun Series

The David & Gun series follows David, a 40-ish American living in Bangkok, as he meets and falls in love with Gun, a 30-something Thai. The two develop a slightly kinky relationship, with the younger Gun taking the role of a gentle Dominant to David's submissive needs. The first book, “Holding On” describes how the two meet and overcome the emotional obstacles to form their bond. In “Five At Table” they begin to form a family, while in “Letting Go” David confronts new fears. The books are available individually from all major on-line retailers, or you can purchase a bundle of all three titles for Kindle or ePub from Ganxy.

Holding On

David is a 40-ish American living in Bangkok, and facing a bit of a mid-life crisis. After more than a dozen years living in Thailand, he has become disillusioned and is considering returning to the states for the first time. David is very shy but wears his heart on his sleeve. He came to Thailand in search of love, but after a string of relationships that didn't go anywhere, David has come to realize that he might be a submissive, and doubts he could find a suitable dominant in Thailand. Then, into David’s life drops Gun, a strong, confident 30-something Thai man. Gun is an experienced dom and seems to be everything that David could hope for, but David’s own insecurities may sink the relationship before it really gets off the ground.

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Five At Table

David and Gun from Holding On have now been together for almost two years. David has managed to subdue most of his demons, and the couple are happy and secure in their lives. But a chance encounter with one of the university interns working in Gun's office gets David thinking: Maybe their lives are too perfect. Maybe they should be giving back.

Both David and Gun had some experience mentoring young men, usually their lovers, and so they decide to take on the intern David met, Tom. Tom is a young man with a lot of potential, and a few surprises. “Five At Table” is the story of the beginnings of a family.


Letting Go

In the third and final (at least for now) book about David and Gun, we follow the couple and the two young men they brought into their lives in Five At Table, Tom and Chang. “Letting Go” weaves together a series of stories in which David and Gun help the two young men discover the paths that will take them out into the world. Along the way David must confront some of his own fears as well as a ghost from the past.