Journeys Omnibus Edition

This ‘omnibus’ edition of The Journeys Series combines all three titles into a single book.

Journey to Angor

Journey to Angkor - Sent away from Victorian England after becoming too familiar with his employer's nephew, Piero finds himself on a journey through Southeast Asia, where, with his Siamese translator and lover Plai, he discovers the wonders of old Siam and Cambodia, including the as yet unknown splendors of ancient Angkor.

Journey to Rai-Lay - Deeply depressed over an affair that resulted in Piero's departure, and under the thumb of his tyrannical uncle, Henry jumps at the opportunity offered by a chance encounter with James Brooke to escape England. Learning the ropes as a sailor, and finding his way into Brooke's bed, is just the start of Henry's adventure, that ends in a place most men only dream about.

Journey's End - The third and final book in the Journeys series reunites Piero from “Journey to Angkor” and Henry, whose story was told in “Journey to Rai-Lay” for one last joint adventure as they track down the man responsible for sending them on their travels: Professor Challenger. Their search takes them to forgotten palaces and ancient temples in Central Java.

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