Journey to Rai-Lay

Book two of The Journeys Series

Journey to Angor

Journey to Rai-Lay is the sequel to Journey to Angkor. It follows Henry, whose brief affair with Piero causes the Sicilian to be sent off on his journey to Angkor. Separated from the man he thought he might love, blaming himself for it, and still under the thumb of his uncle, Henry spirals into a deep depression, seeking sex in the underbelly of Londons docks, where more often than not hes beaten and abused. But its while nursing a beer in a seedy docklands pub that Henry meets James Brooke.

Henrys chance meeting with Brooke launches him on a journey of discovery. A journey that has him learning the ropes as a sailor, and learning more about himself and what he really needs. Sometimes we find what we need in the most unlikely places.

Kindly note that Journey to Rai-Lay includes explicit descriptions of sex between men. This book is intended for adult audiences only. Readers may enjoy this book without having read the first one.

Originally published in July 2011, this book has been re-edited and re-issued in August 2012.

Michael Joseph is the pen name of a Bangkok-based travel writer with more than 20 years experience traveling throughout Southeast Asia. Journey to Rai-Lay is his second fiction book.

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