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As you can probably see, I read and review a lot of books. I rate everything I read on Goodreads, but generally only put a full review up here if I liked the book enough to recommend it. I've reviewed books for other sites in the past, but most of them have gone away.

Books are rated on a scale of one to five stars. As in most rating systems, one star is very bad and five stars is the best. Three stars means I liked the story, but neither the writing or the characters really came alive. Four stars usually means the writing was well above average but the characters didn't really draw me in completely. To get five stars, a book has to pull me in and take me on an emotional roller-coaster. I don't give out many five star reviews. To help sort through all the reviews, you can view a list of authors I've reviewed as well as the tags of topics covered.

You might notice that there are very few one and two-star reviews on the site. That's not [necessarily] because I'm easy. Rather, it's because, if a book is truly awful, I don't put up a review of it here. I might jot a few lines about it over on Goodreads, but in the crazy upside-down world of the Internet, even a bad review can be 'good' for a book. So, unless the review has been requested, I don't post reviews of disappointing books here. Fortunately, I've been rather lucky in the books I've chosen to read for myself. While I do try to stretch myself from time to time, and sometimes I'm surprised by a book I wasn't sure about, I generally try to find out enough about the book to know whether or not I might like it before I plunk down my money on it.

I'm happy to review books on request for authors and publishers, as long as the story appears to be something that would interest me. To request a review, simply use the Contact Me page to send me the blurb and your contact details. I'll reply - usually within 24 hours - with whether or not I'm interested. I can accept Mobi (Kindle), ePub or PDF formats. Reviews are usually posted within two weeks.