Work In Progress Update: Baby Makes Three

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Posted in Work In Progress on February 29, 2012

[caption id="attachment_583” align="alignright” width="225” caption="Cover of Baby Makes Three”]Baby Makes Three[/caption]

A few days ago I finished the first draft of the sequel to Holding On, which I’m calling Baby Makes Three. This latest book picks up the story of David and Gun, and introduces a third character, Tom. Tom is a young college student the two men decide to mentor, helping him with his education as well as the complexities of modern gay life.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago in my post about ‘family’, I’m building a group of characters - a family - around David and Gun. In addition to Tom’s story, the final version of Baby Makes Three will include a second shorter story - a sort of bonus track - introducing Chang, another young man who takes on the role of houseboy.

I’ve already got a few more stories in the works to introduce a few more characters. The in-progress work includes the return of Ben, the man who nearly broke David and Gun up, as well as a new older man that might shed some light on Gun’s past.

I suspect it will be another few months before I’m ready to release Baby Makes Three. I like to set the work aside for a little while before I go back and edit it with fresh eyes, and then I’ll also be sending it out for a beta read. If you’re interested in being a beta reader, use the ‘Contact Me’ tab at the bottom of the page.