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Posted in Background Work In Progress on September 4, 2011

So, I’m writing again. It’s becoming something of an addiction, as I had planned to take a bit of a break before diving into the third (and final) book of the Journey series. But a new idea took root in my head, and it seems that now I’m in the ‘habit’ of writing, story ideas continue developing and bouncing around my head, becoming increasingly distracting, until I write them down.

I didn’t really think this current idea was going anywhere. All I had were a few ideas for the beginning of a contemporary D/s (that’s Dominant / submissive, as if you didn’t know) story. I figured I would get it out of my head and into the computer, then I could set it aside and maybe revisit it again some day to turn it into a short story or something for an anthology series.

I really should know better.

Recording what’s in my head just makes room for more of the story to develop there. So, my little going-nowhere short has developed into a novella, and morphed into a more psychological study about what compels one man to submit. I think I’m around three-quarters done with the first draft.

Unless or until I come up with something better, I’m calling the new book “Deconstructing David”. It follows David, a 40-ish American expat in Bangkok having something of a mid-life crisis. He’s single, depressed, and thinking he might need to quit Thailand if he really wants to find a man to ‘take control’.

Into David’s life walks Gun, a younger man, full of confidence, and an experienced ‘dom’. He seems to be everything that David wants. David falls for the younger man hard, but it may be his own secret demons that keep the relationship from developing into everything he hopes for.

As you can probably imagine, the main character of this story is dangerously close to home. Like any author, I think, there’s a bit of me in most of my main characters, if only in my dreams. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to be the king of a mighty empire who gets boinked senseless every night by a well endowed deity? [That’s the one-line cast-off of The Naga’s Treasure, by the way.]

The trouble here, with Deconstructing David, is that I’ve drawn too much on my own thoughts and experiences as an expat in Bangkok. A few of the passages of this story have been almost excruciating to write. This is one of the reasons I’ve avoided writing contemporary stories. One of the other reasons is that, writing about expat life in Thailand, it’s very easy for the bitchy bitter expat queen to come out, and believe me, nobody wants to see that. So far, I’ve managed to keep the old girl under control.

I’d really like to get some ‘beta’ readers for this story, when it’s closer to being finished. While it has been heart-wrenching to write, if that doesn’t come across to the reader, it’s all for nothing. If you’re interested in reading the story in its draft form, use the ‘Contact Me’ button at the bottom-right of the screen to let me know.