Words Apart is Published!

book cover

World's Apart

by Michael Joseph

Tags: Science Fiction

Posted in News on December 5, 2013

My latest book, Worlds Apart, is finally published, or in the process of being published through all the major online book stores. It’s already available for Kindle readers and apps from Amazon, in Mobi (Kindle) and ePub formats from All Romance Ebooks, and in all formats from Smashwords. It will take around another two weeks or so to get into some of the specialty stores like iTunes and B&N.

For those that haven’t seen it, here is the book blurb:

Up-and-coming corporate financial analyst Jim Li couldn’t be more different than the shy genius Jon Franklin. The two men’s personalities are ‘worlds apart‘ but when they meet there’s definitely and attraction. Although Jim tries to take things slow, he soon finds himself in a relationship with the geeky other man. However, Jon’s mind is never at rest, and when a new idea for a scientific breakthrough takes hold of his imagination, Jim’s love is not enough to pull Jon back from his new obsession. The couple become estranged, and then Jon disappears in an explosion.

Five years later, Jim still hasn’t been able to move on. Guilt and grief and nagging doubts about what really happened to Jon still plague him. Then one day news stories start to appear about a new object spotted near the edge of the solar system. As it moves closer, people begin to theorize it might be a ship. Speculation is ended when Jon’s image is broadcast to the world, announcing that he has returned, with a message from a far away civilization. Could it really be Jon, and can Jim reconnect with him to try and rebuild the relationship they once had?