What's Up - January 2012

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Posted in News Work In Progress on January 16, 2012

I haven’t written much about what I’m up to lately, mainly because I haven’t written much. It’s not the usual excuse of the holidays, since I stayed in Bangkok for them. No, what’s kept me busy is moving, and being sick. Funny how that happened. I signed the lease one day, then celebrated with a bowl of yakisoba at my favorite noodle shop, which gave me a bad case of food poisoning.

This ‘happy’ coincidence means that I’ve spent much of the new year going to my old place, collecting items to bring to my new place, then promptly falling asleep from exhaustion once I get back to my new apartment. I’m much better now, although it’s a long road back regaining my stamina.

I have been writing, but oddly enough I’m still not working on Journey’s End. Instead, I’ve been writing up a few scenes from a possible sequel to Holding On, tentatively titled “Baby Makes Three”. It picks up the story of David and Gun about a year later, when they decide to mentor a university student. Naturally, bringing a third person into any relationship is fraught with potential difficulties, which I hope to explore.

I’ve got most of the story line worked out for Baby Makes Three, although some of the details, particularly the ending, are still a little sketchy. But, that doesn’t worry me as much as it used to. I’ve gotten used to my characters taking over their story line and writing much better situations than I could ever come up with. I’ve got no particular deadline in mind for the book, so I’ll just let it come out as it wants to.