Something's. . . Different

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Posted in News on July 3, 2016

Why, yes, thank you for noticing. The site does have a new look and feel. It’s been well over the last update, so it was time for a refresh. But the changes are more than cosmetic. I’ve unleashed my geek and completely replaced the ‘engine’ that runs the site. Out went WordPress and in came a new framework called October.

Now, I’ve got nothing against WordPress, but c’mon, everybody uses it, and I’ve never been fond of doing what everyone else does. Aside from just being contrary, adopting October gives me a much more modern framework, one that I can adapt to my needs to easily add features for things like book reviews, which form the bulk of the nearly 300 posts on this site.

The extended blogging features has allowed me to add things like the ability to find other books in a series, or by the same author, and well as to standardize the information displayed with each review, and update it across the site when I want to refresh the layout again.

There’s still a few more minor tweaks that remain to be made before I’m completely finished with this upgrade, but at least for now all of the existing content is back on-line, and new posts will be coming soon.