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by Nora Phoenix K.M. Neuhold

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Volume 2 of Kinky Boys

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Posted in Book Reviews on October 19, 2020

Byron, who decides to use the stage name Ziggy for his porn career, is about to shoot his first scene for Kinky Boys. Unfortunately, when Marshall tries to discuss limits with Ziggy, it becomes very clear that the young man doesn’t know enough about kink to understand what he’s agreeing to. He doesn’t want to disappoint Hunter, who hired him, or Marshall. So, Marshall takes Ziggy in hand and manages to get him through his first two scenes with Dom Harley, but it’s clear Byron really isn’t into bondage, and the impact scene scares him completely, although he really gets into puppy play. And, there’s an even bigger problem looming: Marshall and Ziggy are both starting to fall for each other, which has all sorts of complications.

This second installment in the Kinky Boys series seems to pick up shortly after the first book ends, although this story focuses on two different men who were just barely introduced in the previous volume. Joey and Hunter (aka “Daddy”) from the last book definitely appear in this story, but if you haven’t read the first one you won’t be missing too much. Marshall and Ziggy are essentially fresh characters that we only get to know in this story.

Marshall is not your average fictional Dom. He certainly has the strong protective streak of a daddy-dom, but in other respects he can be a bit of a softy. However, that seems to be exactly what Byron needs, which of course is the way these stories generally work. Marshall is otherwise quite a believable character.

For his part, Byron/Ziggy comes off as a very believable young man. One who has made a rash decision without realizing all the consequences. I very much liked that he wasn’t a total submissive. The bulk of the story is very much about Ziggy finding his kink, and someone that makes him want to indulge in it.

Another somewhat unusual aspect is the Big Dramatic Turn that is a standard feature of these stories. Something that threatens to split the couple up. In this case, the issue is telegraphed from practically the first paragraph: Marshall clearly isn’t happy living in Las Vegas, and will want to return to his home in New York when his six month contract is up. That makes for a hard decision for Byron.

“Ziggy” is available from Amazon.

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