Review - Untouchable Beauty by Meraki P. Lyhne

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Untouchable Beauty

by Meraki P. Lyhne

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Volume 1 of The Cubi

Tags: Erotica Fantasy

Posted in Book Reviews on February 24, 2017

Daniel is a beautiful high school senior. His parents expect him to go to college and study business, but Daniel thinks he can have a successful career as a model or actor. He’s had some success as a model, but not much as an actor. With typical youthful enthusiasm, he doesn’t take his setbacks as any sign of a lack of talent, and believes that he can get by on his looks. On seeing an ad for a photographer looking for new models, Daniel decides to skip school and chase his dream. But the photographer is just a ruse for “cubi” who kidnap humans to take back to their colony and serve them.

The cubi — incubus and succubus — are ancient race that feeds off sexual energy. The beautiful young humans they collect from the outside world become sexual slaves serving the cubi. However, due to Daniel’s young age, he is declared an “untouchable”. He won’t be used sexually until he comes “of age” in three years. Until then, he will be trained in the ways of the cubi so that he can become a “companion” for one of the ruling class cubi.

The job of training Daniel falls on Seldon, a 400 year old incubus whose job is normally confined to managing the more belligerent humans that are brought in from the outside world to serve the cubi. He’s used to dishing out hard discipline to those who won’t cooperate. He quickly learns that won’t earn him the trust he needs from Daniel to help the beautiful boy adjust and adapt to his situation.

“Untouchable Beauty” is a rather compelling erotic fantasy. Daniel isn’t the most like-able person, but he is very believable, and his reactions to his newfound captivity are all true to life. Seldon may be a mythical creature, but he is readily recognizable as the archetype of a Dom into heavy discipline, but with a really caring attitude for those he gets close to, as well as high sense of honor.

There are some rather “preachy” passages where the characters pontificate on modern youth’s lack of discipline, work ethic, and general life skills. These passages are thankfully short and do actually serve the plot to some degree, so they didn’t really detract from the read.

This is the start of a series, with the second book already released. That requires a bit of a warning: if you hate spoilers, don’t read the blurb for the second book until you’ve finished the first. It totally gives away how the initial book ends.

“Untouchable Beauty” is available from Amazon.