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Top Priority

by Cara Dee

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Volume 1 of The Game

Tags: BDSM Contemporary

Posted in Book Reviews on March 17, 2020

Lucas is caught in a storm driving back to his home in DC from the south. His car is damaged so he limps into the nearest town where the garage says it will take a day or so to fix. He stumbles, literally, into a nearby bar to get something to eat. A potentially disastrous with some locals is averted by the timely intercession by Colt, an air force pilot also stuck in town for the night. The two quite quickly realize they’re men of similar tastes; daddy doms who like a bit discipline, so there doesn’t seem to be much point in them developing a relationship. After all, what can two top doms get up to without a sub? Well, quite a lot actually, it seems.

“Top Priority” is a rather steamy short novella. There’s definitely an air of “made for each other” to the story line, but the writing avoids the clichés that kind of plot usually entails. The feelings Lucas and Colt have seem quite genuine and believable.

The two main characters are both very believable. Experienced combat pilot Colt, in particular, rings true, at least to someone without intimate knowledge of how it feels to be on deployment in Iraq, or be close to someone who is. Lucas is less of a charismatic character, but still very realistically drawn.

Somewhat curiously, although the main point of the story is to get Lucas and Colt into a relationship, despite significant odds against them, this book is something of a prequel. According to the blurbs, in the next book of the series, the two top doms finally find a sub to play with.

“Top Priority” is available from Amazon.

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