Review - Thiago by Romeo Preminger

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by Romeo Preminger

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Tags: Contemporary Erotica

Posted in Book Reviews on September 24, 2019

Nate is a high flier in an international financial services company. He’s busy socking enough money away to retire at 35, and doesn’t have time for a social life. Work, the gym and doing his own laundry occupy his time, and Grindr fulfills the occasional sexual urge. Nate is working alone late one night when the hot new night-time security guard Thiago stops by to check on him. Brazilian Thiago pushes all of Nate’s buttons and before he can think about it, the two are having sex on his desk. It’s amazing, but surely a one-time thing, since the two have nothing in common. How could they possibly consider a relationship?

It would be easy to dismiss this book as simply erotica. There are certainly a lot of hot sex scenes, but there’s also an interesting story connecting them. “Thiago” is not your typical lovey-dovey romance. Nate and Thiago enter into a very tempestuous relationship. Both are trapped in their respective cultural expectations of what is expected of men. Nate isn’t able to express his feelings or know how to  act in a relationship. Thiago stubbornly sticks to that somewhat cliché ideal of the macho Latino man who can’t ask for or accept help.

The two have some serious fights over the course of the story, and then make up, often with sex. It’s hard at times to see how their story can end well, with such a huge cultural and communication gap between them. Although it does rely on some common stereotypes, or perhaps because it does, the characters are quite believable. Even their somewhat unconventional and often risky sexual escapades have a ring of truth to them.

While I appreciated the raw and risky story line of the book, it felt like the ending was a little weak. As realistic as the culture gap was depicted, it was hard to see the pair ending up where they did at the end. In a way, this felt like one of those rush endings, where things seem to have been wound up too quickly because the book needed to be a certain word count.

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