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The Trainer

The Trainer
by Jamie Lake

Tagged: Novelette

Chris is just out of a bad relationship with a man that put him down at every opportunity, and finally dumped him for a younger model. He decided that to help regain his self esteem, he needs to get back in shape, and for him that means hiring a trainer. A friend connects him with Mason, one of the hottest men Chris has ever laid eyes on, and someone that he can talk to easily about just about anything. Mason is just coming out of his own bad relationship, with a toxic woman that uses their young daughter as leverage to get what she wants out of Mason. So, while Chris is attracted to Mason on many levels, he know a relationship is impossible, because Mason is straight, right?

“The Trainer” manages to pack a nice little story into a very short format (the total is less than 100 pages if this were a print book.) There's nothing too heavy here, but there is a nice tension as Chris and Mason try to figure out whether they're going to be friends, or more. The characters are developed enough for you to get a feeling for them, and you might even care enough to want to give Chris a smack for acting like the loser he is trying not to be.

Although the author clearly plans to make a series out of this story, things are brought to a reasonable conclusion by the end, so you aren't left hanging wondering what will happen, if anything. The book lays lots of groundwork for future conflicts, so it's likely that additional editions will involve a little more drama.

As it is, this is a light summer read that would probably be perfect for the beach or a short plane ride.

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Posted in Book Reviews on August 12, 2014