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The story of Us

The story of Us
by Logan Meredith

Tagged: Contemporary

At 40, Kyle considers himself a pretty ordinary guy leading a pretty settled life. About the most exciting thing he's doing is going back to school to get his college degree. It's at the school where Kyle more or less literally runs into Lucas, a much younger man who is perhaps the most beautiful guy Kyle has ever laid eyes on. Lucas is definitely out of Kyle's league, yet the attraction seems mutual. He resists, barely, Lucas' proposition of a quickie in a library study room, but when the younger man pursues him, Kyle agrees to a date. It's on that first date that he learns Lucas makes a living doing porn, and it's something Kyle just can't bring himself to accept. On top of the age difference, it's a deal breaker and he tries to forget Lucas. However, when he not-quite-by-chance finds himself in the same class as Lucas a few months later, there's no denying that he's still attracted.

It seems like an obvious “what-if” plot line, but this is the first book I can recall reading with the theme of “what if the guy you fall in love with is a porn star?” The story is related entirely from Kyle's outsider point of view and seems quite believable. Like many people, Kyle has trouble distinguishing between love and sex, and yes, he's under the illusion that porn is real sex. His change of heart regarding Kyle and what he does takes time, and while it may be a bit of a stretch for him to come so far in so little time, it's still understandable.

We get to know Lucas entirely through Kyle's eyes, so we're learning about the younger man as Kyle tries to understand him and his world. There are probably as many different reasons why a person does porn as there are performers, but the picture of Lucas that Kyle pieces together rings true. It's worth noting that Kyle never passes on his exact conclusions, or even much in the way of judgments. He relates what he finds out about his boyfriend's past and family, and leaves it largely up to the reader to interpret what it all means.

Kyle also has a small circle of friends around him, especially his best friend Kayla. Outside of Kyle's own issues, it's his circle of friends that provides a lot of the drama. Speaking of drama, I kept expecting a big dramatic event, but it never happened. There are a lot of little, everyday-kind of arguments, misunderstandings and poorly chosen words that feel much more natural that some big turning point. The story also features some bits of humor, including several very laugh-out-loud moments. Like the drama, these all feel quite natural, and generally come out of the interaction between the characters.

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Posted in Book Reviews on December 3, 2019