Review - The Mystery of the Moving Image by C.S. Poe

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The Mystery of the Moving Image

by C.S. Poe

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Volume 3 of Snow and Winter

Tags: Mystery

Posted in Book Reviews on March 31, 2020

It’s a typical day at Sebastian’s antique shop when there’s a delivery that turns out to be a rare device from the earliest days of the film industry. At first, the only mystery is who sent the extremely valuable item, but this is Sebastian Snow, and nothing is every that simple. The questions pile up as fast as the dead bodies, which as usual doesn’t make Calvin’s life any easier.

This third outing for Snow and Winter offers up a new mystery for Sebastian, and the further development in the relationship between the quirky antique store owner and his police detective boyfriend. By now the main characters are rather well developed, so the stories are mostly about how their relationship develops, as well as getting to see more of the people around them.

The mystery this time around is another convoluted plot full of red herrings and other misdirections. As is often the case in these stories, it’s one of the people you least suspect that turns out to be the villain. I thought this time around the mystery was a little too convoluted, and to some degree not fully resolved by the ending. Without giving too much away, there’s essentially a mystery within a mystery. While the contemporary crime gets tied up in a neat little bow, it feels like there were still some loose ends on the older questions raised by the early films.

The cast of secondary characters remains the same, including Sebastian’s ex Neil, who continues to play a significant role. In some ways, this book ends on a note that feels like the end of the series, yet there’s at least one more book published, which I’ll review soon.

“The Mystery of the Moving Image” is available from Amazon.

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