Review - The Mystery of the Curiosities by C.S. Poe

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The Mystery of the Curiosities

by C.S. Poe

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Volume 2 of Snow and Winter

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Posted in Book Reviews on January 7, 2020

Things are going rather well for Sebastian Snow. His relationship with detective Calvin Snow is gong along nicely, and the shop is doing well. Unfortunately, the calm is shattered, literally, when someone throws a brick through the front window of the Emporium. That begins a series of escalating events, which includes murders and bombings, that Sebastian can’t help but investigate, despite the warnings and pleadings of Calvin.

In this second outing for “Snow and Winter”, the dynamic of the couple is now firmly in place, so it’s mostly all about the mystery. Which is not to say there isn’t plenty of time with the two men. Their dynamic is a big part of what is making these stories such good reads. The mystery this time is quite interesting, and full of red herrings. The final reveal is definitely one of those “I should have seen that coming” moments.

Sebastian is proving to be quite an interesting character. Even though this is just the second book of a series that’s now gone to four books, we can tell that he is the type of person that seems to have a bit of chaos swirling around him. Yet Sebastian himself seems to remain relatively calm, as he notes himself over the course of the story. As in the first book, everything is told from Sebastian’s point of view, so we get to know more about Calvin as the two men get closer.

Calvin is a difficult character to truly understand. His PTSD is plain to see, but since he won’t talk about it with Sebastian, or anyone else, we can’t know the full depth of his problem. It seems likely that Calvin’s progress dealing with his issues will be one of the main themes bridging the books in the series.

“The Mystery of the Curiosities” is available from Amazon.

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