Review - That Irresistible Poison by Alessandra Hazard

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That Irresistible Poison

by Alessandra Hazard

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Volume 2 of Calluvia's Royalty

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Posted in Book Reviews on December 21, 2020

Seyn was bonded to Ksar within days of his birth, which was even bought forward a couple of months for the purpose. But as Seyn starts to mature, he begins to realize that something is wrong with the bond. Not only does he not feel the connection to Ksar that other bond-mates feel, but his mate actively avoids any contact with Seyn, and when the younger man forces himself into Ksar’s presence, the older prince treats him with nothing but scorn and disdain. Seyn would do anything to be rid of bond that according to tradition will bind him to Ksar for life. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

“That Irresistible Poison” is a sort of enemies-to-lovers tale. Seyn and Ksar certainly seem to despise each other, although as the story progresses, it becomes more clear why Ksar is trying to keep a distance between himself and Seyn. Of course, for his part, Seyn enjoys winding up Ksar a little too much to see what’s going on. They’re both so set on the courses they’ve decided to follow regarding each other that they can’t see what’s really happening.

The point of view switches between Seyn and Ksar, so we get a view of the relationship from both sides, as well as getting to know each of them quite well. Both men played secondary roles in the previous book, That Alien Feeling, but although the fact they had a rocky relationship was alluded to, the details were not. However, that doesn’t really mean you can read this story without having read the first volume of the series. While the characters are relatively fresh, the whole background on the Calluvian bonding practice and it’s effect on their telepathic powers is only gone into in depth in the previous installment. Without that, you will be clueless as to what’s going on in this book.

Seyn seems like a likable young man, and that may even be his main flaw. He wants to be liked, and is used to being the center of attention where-ever he goes. Ksar’s lack of attention wounds Seyn where it hurts most, and it keeps him going back again and again to try and get a reaction out of his supposed bond-mate.

Ksar is a little more closed off, but even from the start we can tell there’s more to his treatment of Seyn than simple dislike. He’s a man with a big secret. One that he can’t even share with the person who is supposed to be closer to him than anyone. In hindsight, his choices as to how to deal with Seyn were probably a mistake, but it’s easy to see how he could have convinced himself that they were the best options at the time.

The way the two men come together is believable, if a little bit of a stretch. For two people who keep telling themselves that they can’t stand each other, they still seem to be irresistibly drawn together. The regrets after each of their more intense encounters do seem quite real and help make the situation more believable. At times, it’s really hard to tell if the two will end up bonded or not.

“That Irresistible Poison” is available from Amazon.

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