Review - Stealing His Dangling Jewels by James Cox

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Stealing His Dangling Jewels

Stealing His Dangling Jewels
by James Cox

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Phoenix is in dire need of money. A lot of money. It's not for himself, he wants to get his mother into rehab, although it probably won't do her any good. Phoenix reads about Lucas, a very rich man, thanks to a lottery winning, with his own private island and a genital piercing sporting sapphires and diamonds that has to be worth several thousand dollars. Phoenix conceives a plan to meet and seduce Lucas, steal the jewelry, and get off the island with it. What could possibly go wrong?

“Stealing His Dangling Jewels” is a fast-paced little novelette that doesn't spend too much time developing it's characters. A chapter-length prologue gives us both characters' essential backstory before the book plunges right into the main event, with Phoenix's arrival on Lucas' private island as part of a weekend fundraiser. Yet, despite its short length, the book manages to tick off most of the romance clichés: two people who are practically head-over-heels in love the moment they lay eyes on each other from across a room; a bad boy with a heart of gold; dirty secrets in their pasts; and the seemingly unforgivable act that is nonetheless forgiven.

While the basic plot elements may be familiar, the writing is competent and the main characters are believable. You're not going to get too much depth from a book this short, but that is one of the advantages to sticking archetypes. Phoenix and Lucas are both likable men despite what they may have done in their pasts.

Kink doesn't play much of a role in the story. What little kink is depicted is really just a little off vanilla, a Tahitian vanilla, if you will. Just a tiny bit of pain play and a spanking. However, the private — and sometimes not so private — encounters between the two are hot. The scenes also build over the course of the book as well, starting with kisses and not really reaching a full consummation until near the end.

“Stealing His Dangling Jewels” isn't an especially deep work, but it is a very diverting short read.

Posted in Book Reviews on May 11, 2016