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Stay With Me

Stay With Me
by A.L. Lamb

Tagged: Novelette

Curtis is a thirty-something bear-ish fellow who works in a bank. One day, on a lunch break, he spots a waiter in a local Asian restaurant. The younger man, Joseph, fascinates Curtis and he returns repeatedly to the restaurant just to see him. He can tell that Joseph is troubled, but it takes him a while to strike up a conversation, and even longer to ask Joseph out on date.

For Joseph, the big burly Curtis is the kind of man he has always dreamed about. But after years of abuse at the hands of his father, the young man has lost hope, as well as the confidence to think of a better future.

“Stay With Me” starts with a number of interesting topics not often found in gay romance: less than physically perfect main characters, Western / Asian relationships, abusive parents, and so on. Unfortunately, it doesn't really deliver much on any of these topics. The story is told in a very passive monotone with what little dialog there is delivered in an unnaturally stiff language. At times the author even seems to be trying to avoid the very topics they have introduced. Joseph is clearly Asian, yet the description of him could easily convince you he might be a Westerner.

This isn't an especially bad book. In fact it's hard to have strong feelings about it in any direction. It won't make you feel warm and fuzzy, or hot and bothered, or any other emotion. All those interesting ideas just add up to nothing memorable.

“Stay With Me” is available from Amazon.

Posted in Book Reviews on June 13, 2015