Review - Screwing the System by Josephine Myles

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Screwing the System

by Josephine Myles

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Tags: D/s BDSM

Posted in Book Reviews on February 4, 2020

Alasdair runs a successful cleaning services company and is interviewing candidates to fill more vacancies at his growing business. Cosmo is one of the people he interviews, but the younger man has every intention of failing it, so he can keep benefits and work on his music with the band he belongs to. The two seem like “chalk and cheese”, to use the British expression, yet there’s a mutual attraction that is hard to deny, and when they get together one evening the sparks fly. But, will their emotional baggage keep them from forming any kind of lasting relationship?

“Screwing the System” is at turns very funny and very sexy, and in one or two spots, both at the same time. The interplay between Alasdair and Cosmo, with their perceived class differences, feels very realistic, and provides much of the drama for the story, along with Alasdair’s strong dominant style.

Strong-willed, independent-minded Cosmo makes for an interesting submissive. He may be cast as a “brat” in classic D/s terms, but his rebellion makes perfect sense, so rather than making him appear spoiled, Cosmo comes across as someone who isn’t used to people caring enough about him to get him to change his habits, or adjust his world view.

While most D/s stories fall into some common tropes, such as perfect Dom meets damaged sub, this book is refreshingly different. Both Alasdair and Cosmo are less than perfect; they’re both quite human, in fact. Most of the story focuses on the two men, alternating between their respective points of view. There are enough secondary characters so that there’s some outside forces to make the story real.

“Screwing the System” is available from Amazon.

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