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Ridden Hard

Ridden Hard
by Elizabeth Coldwell

Tagged: D/s Novelette

Everyone lies on their resume, and aspiring actor Jamie is no different. He lists horse riding among his talents, although the last time he was on a horse was when he was a child, and it was a donkey. When he lands a prize role in a film based on Arthurian legends, he's hoping he can just bluff his way through, but his lack of skill is instantly obvious to everyone, especially the film's horse trainer Andrej.

Andrej agrees to give Jamie some private coaching, but it soon becomes clear that his coaching methods are more than a little unorthodox, and more than horses get ridden in the end.

“Ridden Hard” is a charming little nugget of a story. Very little time is wasted in introducing the characters as we're plunged almost right into the story. We get to know Jamie well enough as he narrates his misadventures, but the man who awakens new feelings in him, Andrej, remains perhaps a little too much of a mystery. A little more depth to this character might have helped us understand Jamie's attraction to him and made him a little less wooden, and of course in a story this short there always seems to be room for more information.

Still, for what it is, this book is an enjoyable read that won't take you more than one or two sessions to finish.

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Posted in Book Reviews on September 9, 2014