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Naked Mailman

Naked Mailman
by Dawn Flemington

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Ken is rather bored with his life as a mailman but he isn't quite prepared for the turns his life takes when he is assaulted and left bound naked in his mail truck one day on his delivery rounds. Not only does he have to deal with the public notoriety of being the “naked mailman”, he also finds himself unable to rid himself of the image of his assailant, and the submissive feelings the man has awakened in him.

As it happens, the man who attacked Ken, Devon, is also having a hard time geting the mailman out of his head. Devon was desperate to get away from the hit men and dirty cops that were out to kill him. Ken was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when Devon needed a disguise to make his escape, but there was something about the mailman that hit all of Devon's dominant buttons.

Despite the risk, Devon tracks Ken down and enlists his help to get him to the FBI to give evidence about the shady dealings of a pharmaceutical company at the local prison. It's more of a kidnapping, but it doesn't take much effort to convince the curious Ken to accompany him. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and the two end up on the run.

“Naked Mailman” is a kinky little romance with a little something for everyone. With the added angle of Devon being a werewolf — who can't shift — the story walks a very fine line between being a fantasy you can get into and going over the top with too many things going on. Fortunately it stays just this side of the line, delivering a plot you can almost believe. It's helped in large part by the relationship that develops between Ken and Devon, which doesn't depend on anything more mystical that the attraction between a submissive who has found his Dom.

Although the scenes between the two men are few, they are quite hot and build gradually as things go along. There isn't anything very extreme, but there is a good selection of bondage and discipline as Ken finds out he's something of a pain slut. Devon seems to be a good Dom who respects Ken's limits even as he is testing them.

As a romance, “Naked Mailman” works reasonably well. In spite of the werewolf sub-plot, the main characters are quite believable. If there's a flaw, it's that even with all the chaos happening around them and their shaky beginnings, things go a little too smoothly between Ken and Devon. Their instant relationship is just a little too good to be true, but that's a fairly common nit to pick with romance. This book is not great literature, but it is a diverting enough read.

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Posted in Book Reviews on November 10, 2015