Review - Echoes of the Gods by Gaia Sol

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Echoes of the Gods

by Gaia Sol

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Tags: Fantasy Myth

Posted in Book Reviews on April 10, 2018

Yngvi is a soldier of Midgard, defending Aasgard from any attackers, of which there haven’t been many of late. So, he spends his day around the market and taverns waiting for something interesting to happen, or someone appealing to come his way. It doesn’t matter much whether they’re male for female. One day a dark stranger catches his eye, and forever changes Yngvi’s world. Shara is actually from another realm, on a quest to stop a rogue god out to destroy all the ancient realms.

“Echoes of the Gods” starts with an intriguing premise: Taking the pantheon of gods found in Norse legends, Greek myth, Pharaonic Egypt, and other ancient civilizations and weaving them together as parallel universes, where each god has a counterpart in each of the worlds. It’s an idea that seems to work rather well, and makes for a pretty good basis for the story.

The plot unfolds in a rather episodic manner, as Yngvi and Shara travel from one realm to another. Each stop along the journey brings them closer to the truth of what’s really going on, and we get to know more and more about them. Yngvi seems true to at least the popular depiction of Norse warriors. Shara is a bit more of a mystery, but still seems like a fully developed character.

While the writing is quite vivid, that episodic nature of the plot makes for a quite measured pace. In other words, it was a rather slow read. On top of that I didn’t find either of the main characters all that likable. They both come across as angsty teenagers who can’t say what they feel. In the end, while the concept and writing were quite interesting, the book just didn’t appeal to me.

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