Review - Daddy by Nora Phoenix and K.M. Neuhold

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by Nora Phoenix K.M. Neuhold

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Volume 1 of Kinky Boys

Tags: D/s

Posted in Book Reviews on July 20, 2020

Joey may be “just” a cameraman for a porn studio, but he’s very good at it and his skills have propelled Ballsy Boys productions to the top spot. Perhaps it’s because as a straight man he doesn’t get distracted and can focus on capturing the scene at its best. Unfortunately, he needs to leave the studio so he can take care of his parents in Las Vegas. Luckily for him, a friend of the studio owner is opening up a new production company in Vegas, and could use a good cameraman. Hunter is looking to make a fresh start in Las Vegas, far from the memories that haunt him from his life in New York.

There’s a lot more to this book than just a “gay-for-you” story that the blurb may suggest. Joey’s self-realization is handled with a great deal of sympathy, and deftly worked into the story so it feels natural and very realistic. Joey is an extremely believable character, as is his journey, even though he doesn’t fit in with the “conventional” ideas of sexuality.

The scenes between Hunter and Joey are rather tame, as you might expect given Joey’s inexperience. Hunter is endearingly careful not to push his new boy too far, too fast. Perhaps too much so. The story doesn’t telegraph much about where the relations is going. It’s never very clear how far they’ll actually go together, until they get there.

Hunter’s past provides the main external drama to the story. The book would probably hold up well enough without it, but it does help balance out the plot and move things along with the relationship.

“Daddy” is available from Amazon.

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