Review - Coins Not Accepted by Chris Quinton

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Coins Not Accepted

by Chris Quinton

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Tags: Fantasy Parallel Worlds

Posted in Book Reviews on September 12, 2017

Miles lives a relatively quiet life on the east coast of England. Most of his excitement comes from dealing with his two younger siblings. That all changes when Miles receives a message from his grandfather, who he hasn’t seen since he was 15. The request contained in the message, and the revelations that follow, plunge Miles into a world he didn’t know existed. Although reunited with his first love, will Miles risk his life to stay with his boyhood friend?

“Coins Not Accepted” is a “what if” type of fantasy. The what-ifs in this case are: What if there’s a parallel world to our own, with points where you can pass from one world to another, and what if, in the parallel world, the history of the British Isles differs just a little from what happened in our world. The book paints a rather convincing picture of the two different worlds, and how they have shaped our two heroes. The scenario imagined in this book is one that might really fire your imagination. The story gives us just enough to set up the story and provide background without overloading us with unnecessary details.

Miles is quite believable as an “average joe” thrust into extraordinary circumstances. His contemporary British sensibility makes a good foil against the rather more rough and tumble parallel England. His two younger siblings play a big role in the early part of the story, and also help make him a more rounded character than you normally expect in a story like this.

Allan, Miles’ childhood friend, is our main conduit for information about the parallel world. His story comes out little by little but in the end his history is, sadly, not that different from what some young men still go through in this world.

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