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Boy Issues

by Morticia Knight

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Volume 1 of Command & Care

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Posted in Book Reviews on August 10, 2020

Kindly note that I was supplied with an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of this book in exchange for this honest review.

Silver Cruz works two jobs to earn enough money to achieve his dream of owning his own garage as soon as possible. He’s an expert mechanic with a passion for classic sports cars. Silver is just getting off work from his second job at a diner when he spots someone having car trouble on the street near where he parked his car. The Lamborghini is beautiful, and its owner Donovan is not bad looking, but comes off as way too full of himself for Silver’s liking. Beside, he always imagined himself having a younger ‘boy’ to take care of, not someone old enough to be his father. Donovan is also intrigued by the muscular Latino mechanic. He’s never met anyone who wasn’t instantly attracted to his obvious wealth. What he at first sees as a challenging conquest turns into a voyage of self-discovery that shakes up Donovan’s whole life.

“Boy Issues” tuns several standard D/s tropes on their ear, as well as challenging many other common stereotypes. Silver, being the younger, shorter, and presumably poorer man, would normally be cast as the submissive. Yet it’s rich, upper-class Donovan who needs a guiding hand. Much of the story is the process of both men, but mostly Donavan, peeling back the layers of their pre-conceived ideas about each other.

Both of the main characters are quite complex individuals, and that comes through very clear as the chapters switch points of view between Silver and Donovan. Silver is definitely a charming ‘papi’ type Dom, and like many fictional dominants, he’s almost too patient and understanding to be true, yet you really want to believe there could be guys like that out there.

Donovan is in many ways the more interesting character, in large part because he has so many issues. You really don’t want to believe that in this day there are men who feel forced by their family to stay in the closet and “keep up appearances” of being straight, even though everyone knows the truth, yet there is ample evidence that there are still plenty of examples where this is true. His turnaround, from entitled douchebag to sweet submissive, is probably a little too fast to be completely realistic but it’s a bit of literary license that’s easy to overlook.

This is the first of a new series that promises more of the same kind story lines that goes against standard stereotypes. The next volume is due out soon so you’ll be seeing the review of that book before too long.

“Boy Issues” is available from Amazon.

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