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Becoming Cherished

Becoming Cherished
by Sara York

Tagged: D/s Novella BDSM

Scotty tries to exorcise the demons of his past by being a Dom. He believes that being in control is the key to not being hurt again. He also tries to keep his relationships with his subs at arms length, because letting them get too close can also lead to disappointment.

Wesley is young and inexperienced, and he challenges almost everything Scotty has done to protect himself. At first Scotty tries to bring Wesley into the lifestyle, and the younger man seems willing in the beginning, but then events overtake both men and threatens their budding relationship.

“Becoming Cherished” is somewhat unusual for a BDSM story, in that kink becomes part of the problem, rather than the solution to everything it can often be portrayed as in many stories. It's not that the kink itself is depicted in a negative way — the scenes between Scotty and Wesley are quite hot and Scotty behaves the way a proper, caring Dom should — it's just that, like anything, someone can use the illusion of control which being a Dom gives them as a crutch to avoid facing up to their real problems. This angle on an otherwise relatively well-worn plot makes the story a compelling one.

Wesley and Scotty both come across as realistic people, with believable reactions to what happens to them. Some of the peripheral characters, especially the main bad guy, are a little one-dimensional, but this is not really enough to detract from the story. In all, this is a very competent novella/novelette length book.

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Posted in Book Reviews on February 24, 2016