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Art of the Heart

Art of the Heart
by Dan Skinner

Tagged: Novelette

It isn't easy for Zac, coming of age in a small Missouri town in the 1960s. People think he's slow. That's not true, but he would rather they thought that than know the truth. While the other boys are discovering the charms of the opposite sex, Zac realizes he has it bad for a slightly older neighbor boy, Rory. Zac escapes into his own world of drawings and fantasies.

“Art of the Heart” is a bittersweet coming of age story. In just a few pages, the author captures the pathos of growing up in a small town knowing you're different than everyone else, and dealing with that first crush which is made tougher by being unrequited.

Don't be fooled by the subject or plot into thinking this is some sappy Young Adult (YA) story. “Art of the Heart” is a story mature adults will probably relate to more than teens or twenty-somethings. The effects of first love can only really be appreciated from some distance. There's a maturity to the story that belies the plot line, which is not to say the characters are unbelievable. In fact, they seem quite real. It's just that they are drawn from a perspective one doesn't often see in stories about young people.

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Posted in Book Reviews on February 18, 2015