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An Outlaw's Captive

An Outlaw's Captive
by Xander Tracy

Tagged: Fantasy

Army lieutenant Randall is really on in service to please his general father. He may not have the urge to fight, but he has a good head for organization and logistics, so he's quite happy working behind the front lines of the King's road project, making sure the army is supplied. Nobody seems to pay him much attention, especially his father, but Randall is used to that. Alan, the “Outlaw Wolf”, has had is brother captured by the army, and he thinks Randall is the perfect bargaining chip to get him back. He has no idea what he's letting himself in for.

“An Outlaw's Captive” shares the same medieval fantasy world of other books by the same author, although this time there's no magic involved. While there is a broad similarity of story arcs (and lots of daddy issues), each of the books has a distinct plot. There's a familiarity to them which makes it easy to get into the story yet falls well short of being formulaic to the point of being boring.

Both of the main characters are interesting and well fleshed out. We probably get to know Randall a little better since he has to explain to Alan why his plan might not work, which means going into the whole relationship with his father. The ‘outlaw’ Alan is more of a freedom fighter, challenging the ruthless land appropriation undertaken by the army. He's a strong character but far from cold-hearted.

Despite the relative predictability of these stories, I find them quite enjoyable reads. In many ways, the story-telling has improved over time, which makes later ones like this better than the early books set in the same imaginary place.

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Posted in Book Reviews on May 9, 2019