Journey's End is Published!

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Posted in News on March 23, 2012

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Yes, the ‘journey’ I started almost exactly three years ago is finally over. What started as a single book idea fictionalizing the journals of Henri Mouhut has come to an finish with Journey’s End, which is now available on both Amazon and Smashwords.

In this final book of the Journeys series, Piero, whose travels are recounted in Journey to Angkor is taking a needed rest in Bangkok with his lover Plai. But then he receives word that Professor Challenger is missing on the island of Java in the wake of the Krakatoa volcanic eruption. Challenger is the man who sent Piero on his travels after he became familiar with the man’s nephew, Henry. Together with Plai, Piero sets out for southern Siam to find Henry, who is happily settled in Rai-Lay with Kung, as told in the second Journeys book, Journey to Rai-Lay.

Together, the four men set out in search of the lost professor. Their quest takes them to the old sultanates of Central Java, where Henry and Piero fall into the clutches of the strange ‘Prince’ Yusef. The wicked prince spirits the two Europeans away to his water castle, where he plans to make them part of his seraglio. Will their Siamese lovers be able to rescue Henry and Piero? Will they ever find Professor Challenger and be able to confront him?

If you haven’t read the first two books, there’s still time to get them both for 50% off. You’ll find the coupon codes and links in my last post on the subject.