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Posted in Work In Progress on October 28, 2011

A little over a week ago I got started on the third and final book in my “Journey” series, which will be called Journey’s End. I’m probably about a quarter of the way through it already, and I’m pleased with how it’s going so far. This story brings Piero and Plai from Journey to Angkor together with Henry and Kung from Journey to Rai-Lay for a grand adventure. The book will probably be published around the start of next year, if the writing continues to go well.

To help get more people excited about the upcoming release, I’ve decided to give away free copies of Journey to Rai-Lay, for a limited time only, of course.

This book is more of a parallel story than a sequel, so it can be read even if you haven’t read the first book. I think that Journey to Rai-Lay is a much better, stronger story than the first book.

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