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Eating Stars

by Angel Martinez

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Tags: Science Fiction

Posted in Book Reviews on July 13, 2020

A diverse group of aliens fleeing from destruction crash lands on Earth. One of the pods crashes near Serge’s cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Only one of the three occupants of the pod survives, Een. Fearing what the government will do to Een if they find him, Serge takes Een back to his cabin and nurses the alien back to health. The two other beings on Een’s pod were his mates, and Serge is recently widowed, so both of them are dealing with loss and loneliness but find comfort in each other.

This relatively short book manages to tell an endearing story that nonetheless turns some typical sci-fi tropes on their ear. The story paints quite a vivid picture of Een. The alien is definitely not your cookie-cutter being from another planet. The author has come up with something different, if not strictly unique, and has clearly thought through most of the details about them. The “other-ness” of Een comes out bit by bit over the course of the story, and while the alien cultural differences really come through, their relationship with Serge is still quite believable.

Serge is sketched a little more broadly, but we still learn enough about him to make him a very sympathetic character. He is, only, human after all, so we don’t need to know a lot to understand him or get a general picture of him. Serge could be a little more fleshed out to make him a more rounded character, but there’s enough there to work with.

While I might have wished the story was a little longer, it still delivers a solid plot that’s well developed. Given the set-up, I half expect the author to make a series out of this idea. There’s certainly scope to create more stories based on refugees-from-space concept.

“Eating Stars” is available from Amazon.

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