Beta Readers Wanted for Deconstructing David

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Posted in News Work In Progress on September 27, 2011

I’ve more or less finished the first draft of my latest book, which I’m calling “Deconstructing David”, at least for now. As it stands, the book is right at 41,000 words, or about 120 pages if it was a printed book.

The story is told from the point of view of David, a 40-something American living in Bangkok, and facing something of a mid-life crisis. After more than a dozen years living in Thailand, he has become disillusioned and is considering returning to the states for the first time.

Then, into David’s life drops Gun, a strong, confident 30-something Thai man. Gun is an experienced dom and seems to be everything that David could hope for, but David’s own insecurities may sink the relationship before it even gets off the ground.

While there’s a D/s thread that runs through Deconstructing David, I hesitate to classify it as a “D/s” story. People seem to expect a lot of BDSM in D/s stories, and there’s not much of that in this novella. There’s a tiny bit of bondage, but no DSM at all, unless you count David’s subconscious attempts to scupper the relationship as masochism. The story is more about the relationship, and how our pasts can cast a destructive shadow on the present. Think of this more as a contemporary gay romance.

I’m real anxious to get some ‘beta’ readers for this story. I think it’s potentially rather good. Parts of it were certainly difficult to write, but I don’t know if the average reader will feel that as much as it’s intended. If you’d like to have the chance to read this before anyone else does, use the ‘contact me’ tab at the bottom-right on the screen, or you can DM me on Twitter.

Being a beta reader means you get to the read the story (in its rough form) before anyone else does, but you also have to promise to read it promptly (like, within two weeks) and, most importantly, give me constructive feedback on how it can be improved. As much as I’d like to hear “it’s perfect” I’m sure there’s room for improvement. I can provide the draft in a number of ebook formats, including mobi (Kindle) and ePub. Just let me know what format you want.