Review - Needful

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Volume 3 of Remastering Jerna

Another year or so has passed since the events of the last book, Games & Consequences, and things are not going well for Jerna and his family. His youngest daughter is fighting cancer while the older one is facing bullying at school. Love and honor compel Jerna to spend more time with his wife and children, and less time with his lover Ria.

Ria feels lonely, and although he tries to understand Jerna's situation, he can't help but wonder if he can ever be really happy sharing Jerna with his wife and family. It doesn't help that Ria's old flame Orlan has reappeared to create mischief in both Ria and Jerna's life. For much of the first half of this book, it seems that Needful is going to be the story of the end of a relationship, as conflicting demands tear Ria and Jerna apart, but then this author excels at painting her characters into a corner from which it seems they can't escape without giving up something dear to them.


Review - Games & Consequences

Posted in Book Reviews on Apr 16, 2012

Games & Consequences

Volume 2 of Remastering Jerna

Games & Consequences picks up the story of Remastering Jerna. It's a couple years later, and Jerna is happy in his life, with its somewhat unusual domestic arrangements. He spends four days a week as a manager at the exclusive Winds of Paradise hotel and bordello, while those nights are spent with Ria, the highly placed police inspector who helped set him free from his wrongful conviction in the first book. Ria gives Jerna the domination and pain he needs, as well as love. His weekends are spent with his very understanding wife and two children.

Jerna's job at the hotel means he occasionally has to deal with some unpleasant situations and customers. In the opening sequence, titled "Games", we're treated to a scene where one of the hotel's women sex workers, Mawe, is unwittingly used in a plot by a man named Darr to punish his assistant and lover Pavine. Darr is a powerful government minister who abuses Pavine regularly. When Jerna learns what happened to Mawe, he asks Ria to have a word with Darr to inform him he's not welcome in the hotel. This infuriates Darr, who takes it out on Pavine. Fortunately, fearing for his life, the young man has the sense to run away.


Review - Remastering Jerna

Posted in Book Reviews on Dec 18, 2011

Volume 1 of Remastering Jerna

Remastering Jerna is a really dark tale of suffering and redemption. In it, the author has created an alternate world not unlike our own, but with significant small differences. She spends many pages drawing this world and the main characters in rich detail, making everything three dimensional and very real in a very readable style that gradually draws you in.

The title character, More

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